SME Innovation Forum 2009 - Work Shop 01.10.2009

Integrated Environmental Technologies for improved competitiveness and new business opportunities

The objective of SME Innovation Forum 2009 is to discuss how suppliers and oil companies can cooperate to meet the challenges of proactive environmental monitoring and control by deploying the ideas of integrated operations.

StatoilHydro Integrated Operations Guidelines will be used as case reference throughout the workshop. The reference model for Integrated Operations is our starting point for developing architecture for integrated environmental monitoring. What is available in the market today at the various layers of the reference model? What do we need in a future architecture for proactive, real time environmental monitoring? What can various industry players contribute with and collaborate to supply in this model?

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”SME Innovation Forum 2009” is organized by the IO Center (SFI/NTNU/SINTEF/IFE) in cooperation with StatoilHydro and the following oil and gas programs at Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council (NFR): ARENA Integrated Operations, ARENA Well Technologies & Centre for Smart and Safe Wells, Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) NODE, Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) Subsea, Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) System Engineering, Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) Instrumentation and the Michelsen Centre for Industrial Measurement Science and Technology (SFI hosted by Christian Michelsen Research)

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